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March 28, 2012



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Free to play


Join us on a wondrous adventure in Priston Tale as you enter the world of Priston, where both Tempskrons and Morions put aside their differences and band together to defeat the evil forces that wish to corrupt the land. Select one of 10 classes as you train to restore and protect the peace in Priston!

Game Backstory

In the land of Priston, there were once two gods: Tempritos and Skronipe. The followers of Tempritos had established their society in the now named Ricarten Town, in Wisen while those who followed Skronipe made their home inPillai Town, in Tyon. After centuries of conflict, the two tribes set aside their differences and lived in peace and harmony. While modern followers of Tempritos and Skronipe have long since been disconnected from their ancient heritage, the two established nations and called themselves Tempskrons and Morions.

Evil has befallen the land of Priston, and Tempksrons and Morions must band together to defeat the evil that threatens their long-lasting peace. In this social MMORPG, your goal is to train as a Tempskron or Morion, and help others to protect the peace that your ancestors fought long to establish!


  • Enjoy something to do with daily quests and several areas to explore
  • 10 different classes that a player can select
  • Upgrade your equipment through the aging, respect, and socketing system
  • Socially active community to create guilds with, and enjoy clan wars every Saturday
  • Dozens of different bosses to fight with unique mechanics
  • Several server events run daily and the GM Team runs weekly events


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Wicked Interactive Ltd.
Founded in 2008, and based out of Toronto, Canada, Wicked Interactive Ltd. is an online game publisher that specializes in bringing the best massively multiplayer online (MMO) games to North America without any subscription fees. The company provides top-notch, free-to-play MMOs to its ever-growing community – along with the best customer support in the business. To learn more about Wicked Interactive, please visit http://www.wickedinteractiveltd.com.
Suba Games
SUBA Games is Wicked Interactive’s online gaming portal. Through SUBA Games, Wicked Interactive supplies a vast library of free-to-download and free-to-play massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) to an eager audience. SUBA Games users enjoy a unified login and a unified currency across all SUBA properties – along with a friendly and active community space and unparalleled customer communication and support. For more info, visit www.subagames.com.

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